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Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

Let's face it. Besides being great at comedy sketches and playing roles at MTV and VH1 award shows, Ben Stiller did not explode onto the film scene until Meet the Parents. Seeing him play the uncomfortable soon - to - propose boyfriend showed just what kind of character Stiller could bring to the scene.

However, don't think Stiller is all about romantic comedies. Soon after Meet the Parents Stiller turns on maximum silly as the role of Derek Zoolander in the comedy Zoolander. Based off of comedic sketches Stiller did for VH1, he was able to get Owen Wilson to join up as the two idiot models try to uncover what is behind the entire modeling industry. Stiller, being a family man, brings his father, Jerry Stiller, to the cast of Zoolander as the character Maury Ballstein.

After Zoolander Stiller was able to calm down for a bit and take slightly more serious roles in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums and Envy. However, Ben Stiller had a bumpy ride in early 2004 with four films, none of which were anything memorable.

Luckily, Ben Stiller finished 2004 with an extremely humorous appearance in Anchorman starring Will Ferrell, and a return as Gaylord Focker in Meet the Fockers.

What Ben Stiller needs is to find himself a new buddy comedy that is up to the level of Zoolander.
Memorable Moments
-Arturo Mendes and news crew appears out of nowhere to join in on the brawl between competing news stations. Anchorman

-Greg Focker is offered a pair of swimming trunks which he later discovers to be speedo-style swimwear. Meet the Parents

-David Starsky does a raid on an apartment of a suspected criminal only to be attacked by the suspect's son. In response, Starsky shouts 'what the hell is wrong with you'. Starsky & Hutch

-During his friends eulogy, Derek Zoolander states that he realized how fragile life can be if his friends can die in a freak gasoline fight. -Zoolander

Know of a better memorable moment with Ben Stiller? Let us know.
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