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Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is the only male actor that can pull off a face similar to Renée Zellweger. You know, the face where it looks like they have the most sour lemon in their mouth [as proven with pic]. But, other than that, Owen Wilson is one of the top funny men of our time and even has a filmography that tops bigger names such as Ben Stiller.

Beginning his career with the indie film Bottle Rocket and a cameo appearance in The Cable Guy, Owen Wilson's film career took off pretty quickly. Starting in 1998 Wilson began to get attention with his short - lived role in Armageddon and a return to a smaller film in Rushmore.

However, it was Wilson's buddy comedy opposite Jackie Chan in the western spoof Shanghai Noon that really boosted his career. Still not very known to most, Wilson was finally given the ability to prove his comedic talent in the comedy about not being the best gun - slinger in the west. Though people may have first been brought to the theatres for Jackie Chan, who was great, it was Owen Wilson who was talked aboutt when they left.

From that point on, Owen Wilson has had a good amount of hits and only a few misses. Some of his greater films include Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums, Meet the Parents and, finally, the new great romantic comedy Wedding Crashers.
Memorable Moments
-Kevin Rawley is the perfect guy who knows how to play the stock market and praise Jesus; he can even chisel a whole gazebo out of beach wood. The only problem is that he is the ex-boyfriend to Pam, Gary Focker's girlfriend. Meet the Parents

-Hansel shows up to the model awards ceremony on nothing but a Razor Scooter. Zoolander

-Roy O'Bannon is convinced by Chon Wang to play a drinking game native to China. What results is the two friends ending up butt-naked in the same tub. Shanghai Noon

-After missing his chance with Claire, John closes himself in. On a visit from Jeremy, John states, 'I'm hanging by a thread. I'm reading don't-kill-yourself books.' Wedding Crashers

Know of a better memorable moment with Owen Wilson? Let us know.
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