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Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott is one of the top three humorous males in film. I am still hoping that a film will be made to team up Seann William Scott with Ryan Reynolds in some sort of buddy comedy. Though they have two different styles of humor, I think these two would have us laughing until we pass out.

Even though it has been six years since the hit - comedy American Pie, it will still take a few years, or more, before people stop relating Seann William Scott to Stifler. American Pie was nothing short of a breakout performance for Scott.

Then things got awkward. Scott's next role was in the thriller Final Destination, where he played Billy Hitchcock, a nerd of a classmate at best. Though it was strange watching him in this role [even he looked uncomfortable], it was probably a nice switch considering that Scott's next films would all be Stifler-esque.

Seann William Scott went on a comedy binge at the turn of the century with films such as Road Trip, Dude, Where's My Car, Evolution, and American Pie 2. Of all these films, only Evolution fell short on offering up some laughs.

Since these films Seann William Scott has stuck with the comedic genre with only a few other genre films such as Bulletproof Monk. However, Seann William Scott proved his worth with a cameo appearance in Old School and his buddy - comedy with The Rock in The Rundown.
Memorable Moments
-Oz attempts to tell Stifler how to be sensitive to attract girls. Stifler responds with, 'I dunno, man, that sounds like a lot of work.' Amercian Pie

-A good while after Oz left his college LaCrosse game, Stifler finally states 'I don't think he's coming back.' Amercian Pie

-Upon figuring out that his brother Luke had been hooking up with his crush, Bo Duke turns his head from the road to give his brother an angry face. The Dukes of Hazzard

-After Frank takes a dart to the neck, he has to deal with Peppers, who is trying to convince him that he just took one to the jugular. Old School

-E.L. discovers that he enjoys getting fingered in the ass more than anything when it comes to achieving orgasm. Road Trip

-When Beck has Travis' father and bodyguards eat a hallucinogenic fruit, Travis takes advantage of the situation by making faces. The Rundown

Know of a better memorable moment with Seann William Scott? Let us know.
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