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Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

To really know Bruce Campbell you would have to talk to my college housemate Stan. The guy would play The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness during parties if he could. The most astonishing thing about Bruce Campbell is that he has the largest cult following of anybody out there. Like other actors we have put in our database, he is one charming son of a bitch!

All of Bruce Campbell's fans know exactly what films he has been in and even films he only popped in as a cameo or extra. Ask fans of Tom Cruise all of his films and you may just find their not as dedicated.

Take a look at Bruce Campbell's filmography... do you remember him in these films? Hell, I guarantee you that his fans can point him out in every scene, even if he is only a background piece.

It also looks like Bruce Campbell is stepping back into full gear with film due to increased appearances in the Spider-Man films and a full role as gym coach in Sky High.

Now I need to get a quote from Stan to complete this summary. Stay tuned.
Memorable Moments
-Bruce Campbell has written the New York Times bestselling book Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

Know of a better memorable moment with Bruce Campbell? Let us know.
*List of films only in CanMag DB. Check out a full filmography for Bruce Campbell at IMDB
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