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Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn has been huge ever since his appearance as Trent, aka 'T', in the comedy Swingers. Sure, he was OK in Rudy, but it was his player attitude in Swingers that made him stick in just about every persons mind after seing that film. After Swingers I thought this guy was going to have the comedic films rolling in. But Vaughn took another route and tried his hand at an interesting mix of films.. without comedy.

Vince Vaughn's filmography includes everything from Jurassic Park: The Lost World to Psycho to The Cell. All of which did nothing for his career but prove he was better off sticking with the comedy genre. Thankfully, Vaughn re-teamed up with Jon Favreau in the film Made; an attempt to capture the same humor from Swingers.

Though Swingers made Vince Vaughn a big player, it is his small roles that really stand out. Vaughn has appeared in Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch, Anchorman, Be Cool, and Mr & Mrs Smith. Each of these films did not feature Vaughn as the key player, but at the same time enabled him to really shine.

Of course, Vince Vaughn has two starring roles [in his later films] that should not be overlooked. He played the role of Bernard Campbell, owner of Speaker City, in Old School and Jeremy in the buddy - comedy Wedding Crashers.
Memorable Moments
-'T' discovers that Mike is an incredible swing dancer and can only look on with disbelief. Swingers

-The first time we ever see 'T' stumble is near the end of the film when he thinks a mother coddling her baby is hitting on him. Swingers

-In an attempt to motivate Mike, 'T' tells him that he is 'so fuck'n money' and that he is like a bear while ladies are like little bunnies. Swingers

-After John decides not to kill his wife, Eddie is forced to put his mom's house on 'high alert.' Mr and Mrs Smith

-Jeremy unwillingly takes a handjob at the dining room table. Wedding Crashers

-After we hear a sound of gun fire, Jeremy is seen charging through the front door of the house telling John to run and explaining to the grandma that 'you don't shoot at somebody on a whim.' Wedding Crashers

-Frank tries to give a gift to Bernard's son, the same gift he had received from Mitch. Bernard responds with a slow head shake. Old School

Know of a better memorable moment with Vince Vaughn? Let us know.
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