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Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has been cool ever since he showed his face in the less - action - that - I - had - hoped - for film Rob Roy. From this film on, I was a Neeson fan into just about every film he could appear in.

One of Neeson's bigger films, Schindler's List, was so well done that I can only imagine how many people found themselves weeping when Oskar Schindler was trying to think about all of his own personal goods he could have sold in order to save at least one more person persecuted by the Nazi Party.

Liam Neeson played the role of Schindler perfectly in this movie, as he attempts to get a grasp on the political movements that are occurring around him. In order to avoid persecution himself, Schindler, like many others back then, was forced to go with the flow.

While this film was big, Liam Neeson's face was barely recognizable by the younger generation. Luckily, this quickly changed when Neeson became Qui-Gon Jin for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Sure this film wasn't the top notch sci-fi adventure that we had hoped for, but Liam Neeson played the role of the semi - rebellious jedi to the best of his ability. It's just too bad we couldn't give some of these uptight jedis a little more character.

Since Menace Liam Neeson has appeared in other big films such as Gangs of New York, Love Actually, Kingdom of Heaven, and Batman Begins. The only problem with his roles in these films is that three of the four were short - lived.

Oh well, we should at least 'hear' a lot of him as the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Memorable Moments
-Oskar Schindler hears about all the deaths from various death camps and factories and thinks of how he could have sold his more prized possessions in order to at least save one more life. Schindler's List

-Liam Neeson played as a cameo role in Excalibur, a movie that remains to be the best King Arthur film to date. -Obi-Wan tells Qui-Gon Jin that Yoda says to be mindful of the future. Qui-Gon responds with, 'But not at the expense of the moment.' -The Phantom Menace

-When Daniel discusses love with his stepson, he is told that the girl doesn't even know who he [the son] is. Daniel responds with 'Basically, you're fucked, aren't you?' Love Actually

-Henri Ducard tells Bruce Wayne the underlying principles to the League of Shadows. In doing so he explains, 'Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding.' Batman Begins

Know of a better memorable moment with Liam Neeson? Let us know.
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