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Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has been one of my favorite actors since his Glory days. His role as the rebelious soldier, Pvt. Trip, was so well done that you couldn't help but feel for him. The whipping scene alone should have been enough to get Washington an award or two.

It then took Denzel Washington a few years to return in notable films such as Malcolm X, Much Ado About Nothing, and Philadelphia. However, his top appearance during this period was definitely his role in The Pelican Brief with Julia Roberts.

While all these films were good, Denzel Washington's biggest hit for me was his role as Ron Hunter in the Jerry Bruckheimer / Tony Scott film Crimson Tide. This film easily has some of the best dialogue that Jerry Bruckheimer has ever produced.

Any time I think of Denzel Washington three films come to mind-- Glory, Crimson Tide, and Training Day. Can you argue with any one of these?
Memorable Moments
-Pvt. Trip gets whipped after being caught on suspicion of desertion. The camera watches Trip's face as he takes a lashing to the back. Probably the best three minutes of Denzel Washington on film. -Glory

-Ron Hunter discusses Arabian horses with Frank Ramsey and debates what color they are, white or black. Crimson Tide

-Nathaniel Serling listens to a recording of the communications that had occurred during accidental friendly fire. As we learn that Serling saved lives with his actions we are allowed to watch Washington's face as he reacts to the communications. Courage Under Fire

Know of a better memorable moment with Denzel Washington? Let us know.
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