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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

One thing you might say is that Jessica Alba does not even have that big of a filmography. Yes, you are right, but I have had the hots for this girl ever since her early days as Dark Angel. She was a looker than and, if possible, even more of a looker now. Alba looks good no matter what the look, and that is saying something.

Besides that, Jessica Alba probably has the best female filmography for 2005. With three big films that include the wonderful Sin City, the slightly disappointing Fantastic Four, and the upcoming swimmer featuring Alba in her bathing suit, Into the Blue. Have you seen Alba in her underwear [Into the Blue]? Simply incredible.
Memorable Moments
-Nancy Callahan is some how the most popular stripper in Basin City, even though she never even removes her top. How desperate are these guys? Sin City

-Sue Storm drops into her underwear while invisible only to with nothing on but her skivys. Many young boys dreams were just realized. Fantastic Four

-Alba walks around this film in a skimpy bathing suit or her underwear for a good portion of the running. Let the... uhh... box office rise again! -Into the Blue

Know of a better memorable moment with Jessica Alba? Let us know.
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